Chateau D' Lanz, under the umbrella of Circle Heart, LLC., is truly a family company. Circle Heart, LLC. is the parent company, under which several brands are managed, including Chateau D' Lanz Swiss Licorice, Molly Loves Candy, Pillow Pack, and Nasty Jack's.

Please take some time to get to know our family, and our business. In addition to sharing an entrepreneurial drive, we're also dedicated to making quality products that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Ron & Terri Love

Ron and Terri Love 

Ron and Terri Love are both natives of the Seattle area, and have lived in Arlington, Washington for more than 25 years. Ron was a stock broker for 16 years before retiring in 1995. He now spends time with Circle Heart promoting our products, working with distributors and brokers, and manufacturing.

Terri has been a bookkeeper for a number of local companies in addition to raising Jon and Molly. She continues to keep our business running, in addition to managing distribution and manufacturing. 


Jon-Landon Love

Jon Love

Jon was born and raised in Arlington, Washington. Like the other owners of Circle Heart Inc., Jon wears many hats, including sales, manufacturing our products, technology director, and part-time corporate counsel.

Jon graduated from Gonzaga University with a law degree and a master's of business administration, with a focus on business law and corporate strategy. Outside of the candy business, Jon is a business/technology consultant for mid-market SaaS applications, and provides business and intellectual property consulting as opportunities arise.


Molly Love

Molly Love

Molly was also born and raised in Arlington, Washington. Like her brother Jon, Molly attended Gonzaga University where she earned her BBA in Communications, and her Masters degree in Organizational Leadership. Molly handles many duties with the company, including packaging, sales, manufacturing, and account management.