Cassava Root (Tapioca)

Cassava Root for Black Licorice

"Cassava Root (tapioca) is a gluten free substitute for wheat flour."

Tapioca, from the cassava root, is part of the “body” of Chateau D’Lanz Swiss licorice. We use tapioca for two reasons. First, tapioca is one of the main alternatives to wheat flour for gluten free baking. In order to maintain a gluten free product, we sought out ingredients such as tapioca. Second, tapioca is widely used around the world, particularly in the western hemisphere, making it a readily available ingredient for our product.

Tapioca, also known as cassava root, is indigenous to South America. The root is a tuber, and is the third most prevalent source of carbohydrates in the world. The root contains a very high concentration of both calcium and vitamin C. This high calcium content adds to the naturally high calcium content of the licorice root used in Chateau D’ Lanz Swiss Licorice, which is why one serving of our candy contains 10% of your daily requirements of calcium.